Commercial reverse osmosis machine

The commercial reverse osmosis water purifier is suitable for treatment  of water with high fluorides and total dissolved matter, it is suitable in schools, hospitals, office blocks e.t.c.

 It purifies water in the following stages:

  • Pretreatments(i.e, chlorination/ph adjustment dosing, flocculation)
  • sand filtration
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Sediment filters
  • Reverse osmosis plant 
  • Micro filtration
  • UV disinfection
500L/HR: 1220* 700* 1700 mm
1000L/HR: 1945*800* 1700 mm

Available in different capacities

  • 125L/HR
  • 250L/HR
  • 500L/HR 
  • 750L/HR
  • 1000L/HR
  • 1500L/HR
  • 2000L/HR 
  • 3000L/HR

Can be used in



Fitt Hydro-Systems

Office Blocks