Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Machine

The undersink reverse osmosis features granular activated carbon and thin film composite membrane that together deliver a high standard of purification making your water ideal for drinking. Undersink Reverse Osmosis is convenient to fit under a normal sink in any house, it purifies up to 280 litres in a day  and has a food grade tank capacity of 8 litres which refills every time water is drawn. It utilizes reverse osmosis technology to produce totally pure water from both municipal and other natural sources. Specification includes three stage pre-treatment through sediment and carbon filters, reverse Osmosis treatment, final treatment with carbon filter for taste and Ultra-filtration as the sixth stage for elimination of chemicals, salts, heavy metals, viruses, and other pathogens.  Fitt Hydro-systems supplies and installs the Under Sink Reverse Osmosis water purifier to all parts of Kenya.

Suitable for Homes