Solar Systems Installation

A full-service solar energy provider, Fitt Hydro-Systems has everything you need to use pure solar energy to run your house, business, or institution. We manage the complete solar panel installation project and serve as your system’s single point of responsibility and communication. High-quality solar power systems are available from our skilled engineers and installers.

Why Solar

Outstanding Returns on Investment

Research suggests that switching to solar energy will enable you to recoup your investment in as little as two years through savings on your quarterly energy costs.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Our traditional energy sources' harmful emissions of carbon dioxide and methane are the main causes of global warming and deteriorating air quality. Solar energy provides a clean, sustainable, and reasonably priced alternative.

Easy Installation

Fitt Hydro-Systems has developed a strong and skilled workforce over time through ongoing training and a culture of leadership.

reduction in your electricity costs

Research reveals Solar power systems can provide up to 70% of the electricity needed.


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