About Us

Fitt hydro-systems is a reliable supplier and installer of water purification systems, we have taken a health based initiative to ensure that our clients experience a quality life. We aim to reduce water borne disease incidences in Kenya through provision of high quality water purifiers which ensure pure safe and crystal clear drinking water for families, offices, communities and other institutions. Our water purification solutions include water purifiers from world-renowned manufacturers. Fitt hydro-systems also provide water purifier servicing, which includes water filter replacement, cartridges and units. Our technicians are well trained and are experienced in installation of water purifiers of various types as well as servicing and repair of water filtering systems.


Our technicians are skilled enough to ensure that our highly esteemed clients are well connected.

Why Us?


Our purification systems are vast with the latest technology and design to fit your space and effectively render water safe for consumption. 

Installation Services

The level of professionalism in our team is top-notch. We have  a team of professional technicians who are well versed in the installation of water purifiers. They take care of all the plumbing and aesthetic needs you may have, to ensure you get the best service out of the purifier.

After Sale Service

We stock the spare parts for all the models in our portfolio. In case of any breakdown or replacements it can be resolved immediately. We also offer an annual maintenance package for various categories of water purifiers.  


In a world where ‘expensive is quality’, Fitt hydro-systems offers purification services at an affordable rate without compromising on quality.

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