Boreholes are a very convenient source of water in areas where there is no connection to the city council or other water authorities or private organizations. However, borehole water has one major drawback, salt. In most parts of the country, the water in the borehole has some salt content, and some areas are more salty than others. Therefore, it is not very suitable for basic things such as drinking, cooking and washing. Apart from salt, this water contains other pollutants. To make the water easier to use, you need a borehole water purifier. Fitt Hydro-systems is a leading supplier and installer of borehole water purifiers in Kenya.

borehole water purification machines
Borehole water purification machine

How the borehole water purifier works
The borehole water purifier can use two water purification methods. Chemical water purification or physical water filtration.
Physical water filtration involves the use of screens, sand filtration, or cross-flow filtration membranes. On the other hand, chemical water purification uses chemicals. It is worth noting that chemical water purification does not filter solids. It only purifies water by killing dangerous organisms. The most commonly used chemical is chlorine.
types of water filtration process:

Factors to consider when choosing the best reverse osmosis system in Kenya Reverse osmosis
In reverse osmosis purification, water or other solvent is passed through the semipermeable membrane. We are very good at desalting from water (salt removal process). It is one of the most effective water purification methods, but it does not remove bacteria well. It is also worth noting that in some cases, a large amount of water, about 4-5 liters per liter produced, is wasted.

UV Filtration
UV Filtration uses UV lamps to generate UV-C rays that penetrate the body of pathogens and destroy them. These rays are capable of killing 99.9% of the microorganisms.


The ultrafiltration process uses hydrostatic pressure to pass water through the semipermeable membrane. This semipermeable membrane filters bacteria and other types of microorganisms. It is also effective in removing bad odors in water.
A good water purifier combines multiple water purification mechanisms for maximum efficiency. Therefore, you should choose the one that gives the best performance based on the water source. Get high quality borehole water purification machines from Fitt Hydro-Systems.

Looking for a high quality borehole water purifier? A good downhole water purifier is durable and very effective at cleaning water, so you can rest assured.
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