A quality water purifier price in Kenya for a home might cost anywhere from KSH 25,000 to KSH 150,000, depending on other variables like the distance between the water supply and your property.

Whole house water purifier
Whole house water purifier

Any homestead needs access to clean, filtered water, but getting that water can be difficult. This is mostly because Kenyan water treatment equipment is very expensive. The expense of Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration water purification systems is frequently out of reach for many Kenyan households.
Simple yet effective residential water purifiers have been developed by Fitt Hydro-Systems, and they are also very reasonably priced.

water purifier
Municipal water purifier


Output capacity

The output capacities of the water filtration devices vary. As a result, prices differ. Price increases and output capacities go hand in hand.

Distance between the property and the water source

The distance from the water supply to the property has a significant impact on the entire cost of installing the unit. Because of this, it’s crucial for us to visit your place in order to assess the distance and other elements that might affect the price.

The volume of labor required

The amount of work necessary is a significant component in determining the cost of constructing the water purification system. Sometimes we may need to perform some plumbing work to enable the machine to be installed and operate efficiently. This also like the above factor contributes to the final figure we charge you.

Are you interested in installing a domestic water purifier for purifying borehole, river, well or even piped water from the council? Get in touch with us for a quote.

Borehole water purifier
Under sink borehole water purifier

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