If you are in the market for a solution to installing clean and safe to drink water? The question most people ask is how much do water purification machines cost? Fitt Hydro-Systems offers affordable water purification machines suitable for any home.

It is not that cheap and sustainable. Clean and safe to drink water is rare and most water available is usually contaminated. Therefore, having an affordable solution to access safe to drink water is very important. This is one goal that should be of priority to both the national and county governments.

Water Purification Machine Cost in Kenya

Good water purification machines for a household costs anywhere between KSH 24,000 to KSH 150,000 to install. This depends with the other factors that come into play like TDS, distance between water source, and your premises.

Factors that determine how much a water purification cost

Amount of labor work involved

The key factors that determines the cost of installing the water purification system is amount of labor required. In some instances we might have to do some plumbing work to enable the machine to be installed and operate efficiently.

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Output capacity

The water purification machines come in different output capacities. The higher the output capacity the higher the price and vice versa.

Distance from water source to the premises

That’s why it’s always important for us to visit your site to determine the distance among other factors that might add up to the cost.

Under-sink/Mounted water Purification Machine

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