Are you looking for domestic water purifiers? Fitt hydro-systems is a reliable supplier and installer of water purification systems. We have taken a health based initiative to ensure that our clients experience a quality life. Our aim is to reduce water borne disease incidences in Kenya. This is done through provision of high quality water purifiers which ensure pure safe and crystal clear drinking water for families, offices, communities and other institutions. Our water purification solutions include water purifiers from world-renowned manufacturers. Fitt hydro-systems also provide water purifier servicing, which includes water filter replacement, cartridges and units. Our technicians are well trained and are experienced in installation of water purifiers of various types as well as servicing and repair of water filtering systems.

Municipal Water domestic water purifiers

The under sink municipal water purifier has a powerful four stage water filtration system. The first stage is removal of sediments, 2nd carbon filtration which entails removal of bacteria, 3rd is post carbon filtration which entails further removal of bacteria and microscopic myriads. The last stage is Ultraviolet filtration which entails killing of viruses. This system has an Ultraviolet light which effectively treat hundreds of contaminants from water to offer sparkling clean and great tasting water. It can be concealed conveniently under a sink and has a separate tap. Purifies upto 150 litres in an hour, the water can be used in cooking and drinking.

Municipal domestic water purifier

Borehole water under sink purifier

The under sink domestic water purifier features granular activated carbon and thin film composite membrane that together deliver a high standard of purification making your water ideal for drinking. Under sink Reverse Osmosis is convenient to fit under a normal sink in any house, it purifies up to 280 to 350 litres in a day  and has a food grade tank capacity of 8 litres which refills every time water is drawn. It utilizes reverse osmosis technology to produce totally pure water from both municipal and other natural sources. Specification includes three stage pre-treatment through sediment and carbon filters, reverse Osmosis treatment, final treatment with carbon filter for taste and Ultra-filtration as the sixth stage for elimination of chemicals, salts, heavy metals, viruses, and other pathogens.  Fitt Hydro-systems supplies and installs the Under Sink Reverse Osmosis water purifier to all parts of Kenya.

Borehole domestic water purifier

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